Three guys who met at college did probably the smartest thing in their life by forming the band Apache SunKris MitchellPete Bruce and Dave Noblelive in Glasgow but their music tells another story. The Rain That Never Came is a hypnotic drilling landlord enclosed in a psychedelic rock stylistic show that shouts for its Morricone spaghetti influence to show up and, God,  it does a big time! An impressive debut song that could be the sleeper hit of the summer and a band to keep an eye on! 

Apache Sun's debut single is available for purchase over here.

And below you’ll find why The Rain That Never Came is the perfect soundtrack for Scott Blake's incredible short film Surveyor


introducing: Apache Sun



Apache Sun are a new psychedelic rock band from Glasgow, Scotland comprised of singer-guitarist Kris Mitchell, drummer David Noble, and bassist Pete Bruce. The band released their debut single “The Rain That Never Came" (now available for download on itunes here) on the 18th June 2014, and we’re expecting big things from these guys. More tracks are on the way, so stay tuned on their Facebook page.